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I included a few comments from friends in this post to show how amazing the encouragement from friends has been over the past few months. Not just since Andrew’s going Home, but all year as we have struggled with a few major issues in our family. This has been a year like none other for our family. We could not have made it through without the support of family and friends. And of course, I never could have made it this far without total surrender to God and His will.


Sometimes we in the church talk about surrender. As if we have a choice.

“I have had so much this year, so many trials and challenges. So many losses and changes. I cannot stand up under the weight of it all any longer.


This was my cry months ago. Now, even more so, I cannot stand.

I surrender, Lord, I surrender.

Take my life and let it be what You want it to be. Only through Your strength can I stand, or sit, or breathe.

Take my yoke. Give me Yours. Help me as I face another night. Wake me tomorrow and remind me how Your mercies are new each day. Amen.


Added comments:

“Missing Andrew right now. And mostly all the time.”

“in the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer Take my life and let it be what You want it to be. Only through Your strength can I stand, or sit, or breathe.

Take my yoke. Give me Yours. Help me as I face another ni; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

“Not sure how anyone gets through the grief of losing a child or spouse without surrendering. Some surrender to depression, some to addiction, some to anger and bitterness. I choose to surrender to Christ. He is my All in All. He WILL sustain me through this. He will sustain my life, my marriage, my joy and my peace.”


Comments from friends:

Debi Zwick-Rowell Just as God chose Gideon, He has chosen you. Just as God equipped and empowered Gideon, he will equip and empower you. Just surrender.

David Duncan I Love you momma!

Julie Threlfall Oh, so Amen! Oh, Kathleen. Sigh. It’s a daily and nightly surrender. It is as though night is another day. We have our day to get through, then night comes and it’s like waking up all over again and facing another one, just without sunlight. We feel helpless to do anything but surrender, life has become so wearying. But His mercies are new every morning, and we feel their joy which strengthens us. I love you.

Ruth Grunstra That’s so true…we don’t have a choice in what happens, but we do have a choice in how we respond. Surrendering is the ultimate final response, and as you said, there are many places for surrender. Jesus is the one place of surrender where you will find life, and in His life, the ability to take another step in yours. Your words are true encouragement for all who struggle with circumstances that haunt them. {{{HUGS}}} love you Kathleen.

Jodie Cullen White You are knowing it deeper than most, my friend…and your testimony resounds and is giving hope to others that are probably not posting, or talking, or making themselves known to you. But they are watching…and your journey is encouraging them.

choices, healing


I write about my life, my journey, my family, and my faith. I am wife to one, mom to seven with one in heaven, and grandmother to many. I am also full-time caregiver to my stepmom E who suffers from dementia due to Alzheimer’s. In my spare time I like to read, travel, crochet, bike, and play with our black pug Molly.

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