February Favorites #4: What parents with a baby in heaven want you to know (but may not)

A year or so after The Accident, I wrote What Bereaved Parents Want You to Know (But May Not Say). I received a huge response.  A few weeks later I wrote about parents who have lost an infant, including those who loss was due to miscarriage or stillbirth. I have not personally walked that road, but have many friends who have. Close friends. I hurt with them. I prayed for them. I tried to love them. I had a few of them review this article before publishing it. If you have lost a baby, or know someone who has, I hope this article will help you. 

What parents with a baby in heaven want you to know (but may not)


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I write about my life, my journey, my family, and my faith. I am wife to one, mom to seven with one in heaven, and grandmother to many. I am also full-time caregiver to my stepmom E who suffers from dementia due to Alzheimer’s. In my spare time I like to read, travel, crochet, bike, and play with our black pug Molly.

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