20 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I can cross my toes.
  2. I grew up in Oklahoma City.
  3. Ron & I met in May and married in September 1983.
  4. I have 7 children. Ages 21-33. They live in Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, and Heaven.
  5. My sisters and I were all born on the first of a month.
  6. I hate black jelly beans.
  7. I have a black pug named Lyla. She snores even while awake.
  8. I have an accounting degree from the University of Oklahoma.
  9. I’ve traveled 48 states in two years and ridden my bicycle in twenty states.
  10. I never sat through an entire OU football game until fall 2014. And only then to watch my son cheer.
  11. I love cute socks.
  12. We homeschooled our children through high school.
  13. Poison dart frogs are my favorite animals. Komodo dragons are my second favorite.
  14. My big brother lives on a sailboat and is traveling the world.
  15. I have lived in five states.
  16. I have a Kubota tractor and I enjoy mowing our property.
  17. I adore road trips.
  18. I am a child of the King and love studying the Bible.
  19. I used to be a couch-potato, but at age 48 started doing sprint triathlons.  I usually came in last.  And didn’t always finish.  But I had fun doing them.
  20. I like to hang glide when in Chattanooga.

Read more about Kathleen.

This is how I cross my toes.


Me being pulled up to fly in July 2014.

18 thoughts on “20 Fun Facts About Me

  1. Just read your daughter’s story on Voskamp blog. Making a favorite of yours after reading your grief story, and crying through it. We lost our only son 4 1/2 yrs. ago to asthma, totally unexpected. But not to God, who numbered his days before even one of them came to be. But it still hurts. We and our two daughters still processing our grief. Forwarding your link to another friend who lost her only child and needs that weekend respite you talked about. We attended the Guthrie retreat for parents in TN and it was hugely helpful. Blessings to you fellow Mom. Grateful for God’s gentleness with you in sparing your daughter in her fall.

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  2. How totally original. This is a perfect post. Very cool, and I enjoyed reading it. I especially liked No. #7 about your pug who snores even while awake. I also enjoyed reading about homeschooling your kids until high school, as I judge speech and debate contests primarily for home schooled kids. I must admit the toe crossing was a surprise, but why not throw something surprising and humorous into the mix. I chuckled loudly!

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  3. Absolutely delightful post! These little fun facts about you put a smile on my face. The pictures too are fun as well as engaging. You draw readers with your upbeat personality. Looking forward to reading more.

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  4. So you don’t like black jelly beans, either…. 🙂 Same here–I never cared for the strong taste of licorice, and then I found out it gets its taste from the licorice root, from anise, and from fennel, an herb found in some pizza sauces and a few other dishes. I like your list, so I may have to come up with my own version sometime soon. This was fun to read!

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  5. Lovely to meet you – I came to look at your photos 101 and stayed to browse 🙂 Here’s some fun facts about me
    1. I LOVE black jelly beans!
    2. As for reptiles – ugh, you can have those !
    3. I live in Australia, first generation immigrant from Finland
    4. I’m married to a Finn
    5. We met in the heat of a mining town in North Qld
    6. we have two boys adopted from O/S – India and Philippines’
    7. and a fourlegged little fur baby who clings to me like a limpet
    8. I worked in mental health till I retired nearly 3 years ago
    9. we built a 52 ft ferrocement yacht in our back yard – I note your brother is a live aboard
    10. I get violently sea sick.
    11. I don’t sail

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  6. Miss Kathleen ~~ okay, starting triathlons at 48! Bravo. Once again, you inspire me.

    My goal is, to accomplish a 5K in April, (at the age of 52) even if I have to walk it all of the way. Which some say is a big goal as I am walking on my re-attached amputated left foot and ankle that was only amputated when I fell coming down from a rock 2-16-2015.
    A few oddball things about me:
    1. The first time I jumped a horse it was two at once over a small jump while standing atop both of them at the same time – Roman Riding.
    2. I have allowed a man to throw knives at me while I was on a spinning wheel – the Wheel of Death, in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (Jakarta, Indonesia) with professional Larry Cisewski.
    3. I have been the co-driver in the Baja 1000, an Off Road Race, in a stock Volkswagen and we were the ’82 Class 11 points champions.
    4. I have given birth to three beauties – who live in Heaven, Ohio and Louisiana and with stepchildren (Canada, Colorado, Oklahoma) they total 10 and friend-oriented adoption/acceptance keep adding on.
    5. I have a degree in Equine Science and determined to finish my Bachelors’ degree in 2016.


  7. Kathleen,
    Read your list and got to know 2o more things about you. I thought you had 6 children and now I realised you had seven.
    Do you do cooking or do you eat out more ?
    So impressed that you started doing triathalons and still do.
    Kathleen, I admire you.


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  9. I also am a bereaved mother…Ben died at 15 in an auto accident. He would be 29 on July 29. The pain lessens, but the hole never goes away. We have several scholarships in his name in our town. I also publish a small annual newsletter. I would like your permission to use your article, ” What bereaved parents want you to know (but may not say),” in my next issue, but I don’t know how to get ahold of you except through this post. The article so eloquently puts into words the feelings and emotions that I have personally dealt with but have found difficult to explain to those who haven’t been through this. Even if permission isn’t granted, thank you for helping people understand “the hardest grief.” My best to you.


    • Evelyn,

      So sorry about your loss.

      Thank you for your kind words. I would prefer that you use a short excerpt from the article and then give then the link.

      I am working on getting a booklet published which will include that article.


    • Hugs to you Miss Evelyn.
      My son, Ethan was murdered 5 years ago, at the age of 19. I find the scab over this whole in my heart getting thicker, but it lingers until I see him again.


  10. Oh my goodness! You are so brave to do the gliding thing. I enjoyed reading your fun facts. I admire anyone who has home schooled their children. I home schooled my granddaughter’s sixth grade year and I loved it. You lead an interesting life. 🙂

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