Thank you, Lord, for those who walked this road before me.

God is good and His provision is always enough.

We had a wonderful day yesterday with Jeff and Susan Palomino and their family. They are so encouraging to me. They walk thus road of grief with grace and faith.

I hate that they know this road; but I am grateful that I was a part of their lives when they began this journey of grief. I saw Jesus in them and in their healing. I still do. Jesus is a huge part of who they are and what their family does.

Thank you, Lord, for all the godly people You have put in our lives who have walked this road before us. Seeing Your Truth in their lives helps me believe Your Truth in my life.

Bless them for their transparency and for allowing me to watch their walk.

Help me, O Lord, to believe Your Truth when I have doubts, when I am weak or tired, when the voices of others try to drown out Your voice. Help me remember the Truth if Your Word.

Holy Comforter, comfort and lead me.

In the name of the Glorious Son of the Creator Jesus Christ, Amen.

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