God’s Provision

Talking with Meredith last night.  Told her how great it was to come home from Michigan to a clean house with all my fall decorations. [Our 27 year old Lyz had done this as a surprise for me!]

Meredith reminded me that it will be hard for me to decorate for Christmas this year, but God (I love the “But God” passages in the Bible) but God had provided for me.  He had Lyz move back home in June.  She loves decorating!!! When it is time to put up the fall and scarecrow décor, Lyz will be here to help me with my Christmas and snowman collections.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Kids!!!!

Thank you Lord for bringing Lyz to WF in Your timing.  And thank you for blessings all my kids are to me. Amen

I love that Meredith was kind enough to acknowledge how hard Christmas will be while reminding me of God’s provision.  I love that she loves Jesus enough to be able to love me enough.  Just when I need the love of both my kids and the love of Jesus!!

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