Moving Day

I have been helping my step-mom Evelyn organize and pack her household items the past few days. She is moving from the house my grandparents built back in 1932 to live with her sister in Denver. This is a very good thing for both of them. I am glad for her and her sister.

This is God’s plan for her in this time.

But it is very hard for me.

I rode my bike to that house almost weekly growing up. I got to see my Grandmother when I wanted to; she always welcomed us to drop by for cookies or a sandwich. We had lots of family dinners there. This is where we had Easter egg hunts in the yard, Thanksgiving dinners in the dinning room, Christmas under a twelve-foot tree in the living room. We played dress up in the bedroom my dad grew up in. Grandmother read “Little Women” to us on her bed upstairs. We watched Miss America Pageants with my sisters and cousin on Grandmother’s bed.

25 years ago, my dad and his wife moved in to help my grandmother. More memories were made there. My kids remember their Granddad and Grandmother living only in that house. That is where we visited them. Where they opened Christmas stockings and played with my dad’s Beanie Baby collection. Where they played in the Lamb Room with all of Grandmother’s lambs. About 15 years ago,  I designed a master suite addition which my parents built when my dad could no longer climb the stairs. It was so cool to help my dad with the design and then to come to visit to see the room actually built! So many sweet memories in that home.

Now the house sits empty. No pictures on the walls or “junk” in the basement. No toys or dress up clothes. Only a hollow shell.

This all made me think of Andrew.  Like Evelyn, he has moved.

She is moving to Denver and I will get to see her again soon. I only have to hop on a plane or get in my car and I will see her in a few hours. I don’t have to wait long to see her again.

I cannot hop in a plane or get in a car to drive to see Andrew. I have to wait. I have to wait until God’s timing, but I will see him again.

Like my family’s house, Andrew’s body is empty. He is not there. There is no life, no dance, no laughter in his body anymore. But those things have not passed away. We still have memories of him. And he is still alive, doing those things in heaven.

In God’s timing, we will join him before our Savior in worship. We will make new memories together that will last eternity.

On my Moving Day, I will appear before the throne of God and fall down in worship of the Creator of the universe. I will worship Him in heaven on my Moving Day.

I can worship Him now as well because He sent His Son to take upon Himself my sin and to die on a cross so that I may live.

On your Moving Day, where will you be going?  Choose now.  Choose life.  Choose Christ.

4 thoughts on “Moving Day

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  3. My heart rejoices to know that you have warm and wonderful memories of growing up near Grandmother’s house and that you remember such special times. It is those times that come together to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I am grateful for those memories for you.


    • Mama Lane,

      I have many wonderful memories of times spent at your house as well. I had a great childhood. Yes, there were issues and some ugliness. But God used it all to make me who I am today. And He used it to make me His forever.

      Love and kisses to the Lane Clan.


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