A Story of Friendship and Forgiveness

May I share a story?

A few years ago, a woman in our town did something outrageous to our Andrew, who was underage at the time. No details needed. She had been a friend of mine and of my kids.  We did what we needed to protect others while also protecting our son. We made sure she would not work with teens again. We also chose to walk in forgiveness.

Late July, I was driving past her street and knew God was telling me to stop and talk to her: “Today was the day for reconciliation.” I told her that we had completely forgiven her and I wanted to check on her. She had confessed her sin to her husband and to her church.

Their marriage was now strong and she was glad we had done what we did; it resulted in her repentance.

Less than three weeks later, Andrew was in heaven. We told her she was welcome at the service, but she chose not to come out of respect for others who were grieving; she did not want to cause others discomfort.  She did drive past and sat in a park across the street from the burial. I love her for that.

I had a wonderful lunch with her today. We parted with hugs and tears of joy for a marriage restored, a momma now doing the right things

I am so glad I stopped by when led to do so. I am glad we forgave her and she knew it before Andrew’s heaven day.

Our time on earth is too short to walk in bitterness and unforgiveness.

Forgive others. Free yourselves from the poison of bitterness. During this time of year, remember the extravagant forgiveness offered to you by the grown up Jesus. He did not stay a baby. He grew to become a man. He suffered and died. He died to give you life and freedom. His death brought us forgiveness and life. And he rose from the grave! 

Freely share what was bought for you at such a high price.

I am glad I forgave this friend – yes, she is my friend – before our son’s death.  I want to walk in forgiveness!!

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