I have amazing friends!

img_3125Thank You, Lord, for giving me such amazing friends!

A while back I shared the “coat” analogy. A friend sent me this yesterday and I want to share it with you:

“I wish I could be there with you this week to carry your coat a little while.

While I was thinking this, I imagined you with this big black coat. He [God] took it and aired it out…making sure there was no guilt or lies to weigh it down. You took it back….it is yours to wear for this time. You wear it because you love Andrew. It is yours.

Then I saw that you started to sew beautiful pieces of colored fabric onto it….maybe signifying memories of him. Your coat of many colors is special and I pray that God gives you comfort this week as you feel all the feelings that come your way.

I will continue to hold you up in prayer and I will carry your coat for you anytime you need me to. I love you!”

I love the part about God airing it out to be sure there was no guilt or lies. What a sweet picture of His redemption, His forgiveness. We cannot let the enemy lie to us as we grieve. Know the Truth, sweet friends. Know HIS Truth!

His truth is love, peace, comfort, forgiveness, healing, compassion and joy.

I love that we have friends like this. I pray for you all that you,too, have dear friends who lift you up in kindness and prayer.

Joy to you all.


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