Andrew’s first birthday in Heaven

Thought about just staying in my warm comfy bed cuddling with my love all day. Then I remembered!

We have to celebrate!!

Andrew Raymond Duncan is 21 today! Happy Birthday, sweet Andrew-son! Enjoy all the decorations up there!

Thank you all for the love and prayers for our family. Thank you for remembering our wonderful son.

May I ask something? Do you mind if ask one more thing of you who have done so much for us already?

Would you pray? Not only for us, but for others and yourselves.

You see, Andrew knew Christ as savior. Andrew was not perfect. He did not always make right choices. But a big part of his joy and laughter was due to knowing forgiveness was readily available when he messed up. He knew he did not have to walk in shame or disgrace. He had freedom and forgiveness in Christ!! He could freely forgive those who had hurt him as well. He knew Christ!!

He knows Him now face to face. We can rejoice in that. We can have peace and comfort through God’s grace.

We still hurt. We continue to need prayer and healing, but so do many others.

Please remember to pray for all who are grieving this year. Pray for those who are lost and hurting. Pray for peace for those in torment. Pray for freedom for those in addiction.

Pray for yourself. If you have never had a relationship with Christ, just talk to Him as you would a friend. Tell Him what you are thinking and feeling. Tell Him of your doubts and fears and resentments. Ask Him to show Himself to you. He will. He will answer. He will heal the broken hearted. He will cleanse our dirty hearts. He is waiting, and listening, and loving you.

As we celebrate our son’s first birthday and Christmas in heaven, please know that you can know Christ today. You can know the creator. You can truly celebrate the Birth of Christ in a new way this year.

Will you? Will you pray with us for our family and yours? Will you pray for those who are lost and hurting? For those in chains we cannot see? Will you pray, maybe for the first time, and experience a new kind of Christmas this year?

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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