Special Days Sometimes Make the Pain Worse

This is from a post I added to the While We’re Waiting Facebook Page. I have mentioned this group before. It is a group for bereaved parents.

On the three month mark, my husband said he didn’t understand all the hubbub about that day. “90 days or 88 days. It still hurts the same to me.” He says it kicks him in the gut at unexpected times, not the anniversary dates.

For some, those dates are hard. They bring back vivid memories of painful conversations, planning funerals, waiting for autopsies. And other things we had to take care of. For others, they are just another day in a long line of grief.

So glad we can accept that grieving is unique to each of us and that we can support, pray and encourage one another.

For those facing anniversary dates of the loss of a loved one, I pray that you may have peace, comfort, and strength each day.

I know that Our Heavenly Father will use all of this for our good and His Glory. He promises that He will. And His promises are yes and amen.

Blessings to you. And to all my newly found brothers and sisters in grief and in Christ. I could not have healed so much in the past few months without knowing you all walk this path with me.

I now not only look forward to my reunion with Andrew and other family members, I look forward to a meeting of the “No Longer Waiting” parents! Oh what joy we will have sharing our stories with each other as we join our children in heaven and they see how we lived well and supported each other here on earth while we waited.

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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