NYC with My Husband!

Leave for NYC in 10 hours!!

Tomorrow seeing Once then dinner out and Times Square with my husband. On my own Monday. Newsies Tuesday night. Sightseeing Wednesday with Ron. Visiting Martha Testerman and Pat Testerman Thursday. Then heading to St Louis Friday and home on Sunday.

So excited to have a whole week with my love!!!!!!

(FYI. We have been intentional about spending time together since the accident. A weekend away in September and November. Date night when he is in town. We are committed to having a strong loving marriage.)

A few days later….

Last night I learned that if my husband ever decides to leave the HVAC business, he could get a job as a NYC cabby!

Drove me through Queens, Manhattan and Long Island yesterday. He can cut off other cabbies with the best of them in the middle of Midtown, the theatre district, and around Times Square. He drove on Broadway, Madison Avenue, 34th street and lots of others past the Chrysler building and Empire State Buildings.

I am amazed that he drove in these same areas pulling a 6000 lb,16 foot trailer during the snow storms in January. He is a man.

A few days later…

Road trip through Manhattan. Queens. Long Island. Bronx. Yonkers. Massachusetts. Connecticut. New Hampshire. Vermont. New York State. Pennsylvania. Ohio. Indiana. Illinois. Missouri. Oklahoma. And Texas.

Saw great shows and fun sites. Watched my love sell self-contained unit ventilators and vertical air handlers and critical environment air handling units.

Visited friends Jim and Janine Boline. Pat Testerman and Martha Testerman and kids. Brett Burton and Kathy Moore Burton and Graham Burton.

Great food and fun.

Now driving home on I 44 in MO listening to pandora Country Love Songs and Michael Buble.


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