“It should not have been Andrew”

Friends have said, “it should not have been Andrew !”

I say, “then who would you have chosen?”

Recently I walked past the pictures we took the last time we were all together in December 2012. Everyone is smiling and genuinely happy. We had a great time together that weekend at Grandmother Estes’s 100 birthday, celebrating Christmas and seeing Andrew as a professional dancer in Nutcracker. (My kids are all gorgeous in those pictures, by the way!)

Then there are the pictures from last month. Again we are together and genuinely happy.

The whole family!  The little boys are wearing Batman shirts in memeory of their Uncle Andrew

The whole family! The little boys are wearing Batman shirts in memory of their Uncle Andrew. Photo by AEW Photography, Used by permission.

No, Andrew is not in the picture. But he is not missing. He is not lost. He is exactly where he is supposed to be. He is where he should be. He is in the presence of Christ. He is the center of God’s will, doing what he was made to do: worship The Creator with his whole being, in spirit and in Truth.

Where am I today? Where are you today? Are we doing what we are supposed to do? Are we doing God’s will today?

Will you worship God in spirit and truth with me today regardless of circumstances and pain?

While we wait for Christ’s return, let us live well today, my friends.

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