I am not so amazing…

Tonight we went to a beautiful wedding and got to see lots of friends.

A couple told me how amazing they think I am.

Then I told them the story of what happened to my arm:  I fell into a shelf of hot chickens! Not so amazing.

And to prove how unamazing I am, I am sharing a picture of my feet from last week.

While in Hot Springs last week, I went to a nice restaurant with Ron and then to a meeting at Hot Springs Baptist Church. I looked down and saw my feet!! These shoes are not slip-on! I actually buckled each one! Yep. Not very amazing. Very human. And clumsy.



Further proof of my unamazingness:

Went to dinner with my friend Becky Bowman last week.

Another “friend” came up to chat. After she left, Becky commented about me having another friend besides her. I had to admit that Linda was actually the receptionist at my dentist.

Another “friend” came up to say hi. Again, I had to admit that she worked for another doctor where we are patients.

I was telling her about running with Sarah Fidlar. “So you DO have another friend besides me?” She asked. I had to admit that I pay Sarah to run with me since she is a trainer.

So evidence showed that I had one friend and everyone else I pay to hang with me.

Sad life.  😉

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