Be Available

While at Precept Ministries for the Summer Study Program on Acts Part 1, a friend became ill and was hospitalized.  I stayed in town a couple of extra days to be with her.  She had driven from Ohio and could not drive back alone. So I stayed and drove her home to Ohio.  Here is the FB post from the day of my trip:

Can just say how amazing the body of Christ is!?!?

When Linda got sick, folks at our summer study program rallied! Lots of visitors and prayers. We got her picked up and one gal stayed with her in a hotel last night. We will drive to Dayton today.

My plane back to Chattanooga tomorrow is at 7 am. Paid for by folks in the study group.

As I have prayed this spring about what I should do when my kids move out this next month, I heard The Lord say, “Be Available”.   I said “ok”.

When I heard Linda was in the hospital and that she had driven from Dayton to TN, my first though was, “I’m available!” I knew I could stay as long as needed and could drive her home.

I am so glad that my time was available and that resources were available for hotel rooms and plane tickets.

I’m wondering what else I will be available for in the upcoming months….

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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