Praying Scripture for Your Family and Friends – Part One

Many years ago, I learned that I can actually use the written Word of God to pray for my family and friends. It was not a new idea; using the Scriptures as prayer is a very old concept. But it was a new idea for me.  When praying Scripture, you are using words inspired by The Creator! There is power in those words, power that can be part of our prayer life!
We know from the Bible that we are to pray for one another. As believers, prayer is commanded of us; it is not just a suggestion. There are examples throughout the Old and New Testaments of godly men and women presenting their requests before the Lord and seeing Him answer in awesome ways.

But where do I begin? How do I pray for my husband? For my kids? For my friends who are hurting? 

I am not eloquent. I do not have the ability to write wonderful prayers like those we read in Psalms or which the apostle Paul prayed in his letters. I can think of lots of things I may want to change in my kids or husband, but are my complaints appropriate topics of prayer? When I pray, what things should I ask the Lord to do in my husband’s life? In my kids’ lives? I my friends’ lives? Where do I start?


The Bog RiverA Prayer for My Husband

We had been married about 10 years when I found myself looking at my husband’s hands one afternoon. They are wonderful hands. Not beautiful, but wonderful. He can repair just about anything with them. He can play the guitar in worship with his hands. He writes reports and letters in his daily work with his hands, and he types more than seventy words per minute. As an engineer, he knows drafting and can design lots of things. He has written me silly love notes and signed sentimental greeting cards. With his hands he has disciplined our children, hugged them, and wiped away their tears. He has used his hands in officiating soccer games and teaching our children to ride bikes, ski, and use power tools. One touch from his hands helps soothe my tired body and calm my troubled soul after a long day. I love my husband’s hands.

As I looked at Ron’s hands that day so many years ago, I found myself thanking God for Ron and his hands and asking the Lord to bless the work of Ron’s hands in the days to come.

An idea was birthed as I prayed: I could use the different parts of my husband’s body as prompts for prayer.

God mentions parts of our bodies throughout Scripture – hair on our head, diligent hands, clay feet, ears to hear, eyes lifted to the Lord, a heart after God’s own heart, and many more. If I could find and memorize those passages, they could help me in knowing where to begin when praying for my husband.

I spent the next few days looking up Scriptures regarding the human body. I wrote them down on an outline drawing of a human form. I put many of those verses and promises together in a prayer for my husband.


Over the years, my prayer has changed somewhat, depending on what challenges we are facing and what new truths God is showing me. There are days when I pray more for wisdom for his mind and peace for his heart than strength for his physical body. One spring, while my husband was fighting a bad staph infection in his ankle, I found myself frequently praying for him to be able to stand firm in the Lord. When he is facing a deadline at work, I pray that God will give him the mind of Christ, order his steps, and help him win favor with God and men.

The following is example of this prayer model. It takes only a few minutes, but is powerful. I am moved me each time I lift my husband up in prayer using this format. I find my love for my husband strengthened every time I pray this prayer for him.

I encourage you to try this model: Start at the top of your husband’s head and pray down to his to feet. Look up Scripture passages pertaining to his body. Memorize them. Meditate on them. And use those Scripture verses as the foundation for your prayer.

Grand CanyonWe know that the Word of the Lord does not return to Him empty, but will accomplish what He desires and will succeed in the matter for which He sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)

This model can be used to pray for anyone – your child, parent, friend. I began to pray using body parts as prompts when praying for each of our children. As I rocked a little one to sleep or comforted a crying child, I prayed that he would learn to lift up his eyes to hills where his help comes from. While bandaging the latest wounded knee, I would pray that God would help my child to stand firm in the Lord. When I saw our teen playing a sport, I prayed that she will run with endurance the race that is set before her, fixing her eyes on Jesus.

At first, I had all the Scriptures typed out on a sheet of paper with the references. I would pray the verses exactly as written.  Then, over time, I began to memorize them and pray them from memory.

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