12 things I am thankful for on the 12th

IMG_13651. The Truth — and that God gave it to us in written form so we can study it and understand it and live it.

2. Friends who have loved me well in the midst of my journey.

3. Evelyn Bailey, my dad’s widow. She has been one of my best friends. And I miss her dearly. I think I need a road trip to Denver to spend time with her.

4. Precept Ministries and all that I have learned through their studies. Plus I have made some awesome new friends while there for summer and fall study programs!

5. Rain. I love flowers and trees and tricking streams and the smell after rain has fallen.

6. Jelly beans. Except the black ones. I don’t like the black ones. That’s why I like Walgreen’s brand: no black ones. Black jelly beans are gross. I am not thankful for black jelly beans.

7. Rotisserie Chicken.

8. Socks. I love cute socks!

9. My kids’ friends. I love having them come over. Seems like as my kids grow up and move away, so do their friends. I miss the loud noise of big parties.

10. Beautiful music. All kinds.

11. The privilege of home schooling

12. The Comforter (John 16:7-15)



What are you thankful for?


The Accident that killed our son was on August 12.  For months after The Accident, I dreaded the 12th.  But I have decided to be grateful for what I have rather than constantly mourn those who have gone to Heaven before me. So now, on the 12th of each month, I will make a list of at least a dozen things I am grateful for.

4 thoughts on “12 things I am thankful for on the 12th

    • Thanks, Luke. I am so grateful I got to spend that time with all my kids. When they grow up and move away, I have great memories plus I know they are prepared whether they move to Lansing as Adan did or the Marines as David did. Or Heaven as Andrew did one year ago.


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