365 days, a poem of grief and healing

The Accident happened about 11:45 pm on August 12, 2013. They were officially declared dead about 12:30 am August 13, 2013. We learned of The Accident about 5:45am when Officer Wiggins arrived at our home.

For me, August 13 is a day that changed our lives forever.
365 days ago today…

IMG_4560 - Version 2

365 DAYS

It was 365 days ago today that our world changed.

It seems like yesterday
It seems like forever

On that morning 365 days ago,

We went from sleeping peacefully
To a loud knocking at the door

From letting the cop come in
To wishing we could make it all go away

From disbelief of what he had just told us
To facing the reality of our son’s death

From wanting it all to not be true
To praying that His glory and Truth may be revealed

In these 365 days,

I have gone from numb and shocked
To learning we will go forth with joy and strength

From learning my son is dead
To knowing our son is alive in His presence

From asking God to help me survive
To thanking Him for helping us thrive

From wondering how can I face tomorrow
To rejoicing that we have lived well today

365 days since The Accident

365 days of grieving for him
and receiving grace from Him

365 day of missing him
and trusting Him

365 days of living without him
and knowing we cannot live without Him

365 days of our broken hearts hurting for him
and being miraculously healed by Him

365 days of remembering him
and learning more how to follow Him

365 days of choosing gratitude for the time spent with him
and choosing to go onward and to live for Him

365 days

365 days that Andrew has been in His presence

365 days that we are closer to the great reunion in Heaven

365 DAYS

365 days that began with a death
but have taught us LIFE!

 Tombstone Sunset

2014-08-12 19.19.30

Andrew on the set of Texas! The Musical summer of 2013

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