Everyone Goes to Mick’s – Remembering Andrew Duncan


Our friend Mickey Jordan owns a wonderful place called “The Casablanca” at Lake Diversion about an hour from our home.  He hosts great parties and events for all ages –  all set in the 1950’s and now 1960.  Andrew was a part of The Casablanca.

Mickey and Andrew were friends from the moment they met doing “Pirates of Penzance” in the summer of 1956 (2010). They worked on many other shows together.  Andrew loved going to The Casablanca for Thanksmas, Spring Dances, summer movie nights and any other time he could.  He felt loved there and always had a great time.  He came home with many stories – some he never told me, but I found out about later – like the picture in the blog of him with an unlit cigarette!

On August 15 last year, Mickey wrote a beautiful blog about Andrew.  Included is a video of Andrew dancing at one of Mick’s parties.

Thank you, Mickey, for this tribute to my son.  Thanks for loving him well. And thanks for being a friend to our whole family.  So glad you went to Florida with the crew and watched over Margaret.  I hope you will still drop by sometimes, even after all my kids have moved away.

Everyone Goes to Mick’s Blog – Remembering Andrew Duncan


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