12 (or more)Things I am Thankful for on the 12th

Horseshoe Falls

Ron & me in front of Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls State Park

My October “12th” post is about my recent trip with Ron. About 18 months ago he started periodically hauling a large trailer with equipment to engineers and sales reps through the country so they could see, hear, and touch the new products. He may be gone for weeks at a time, so I try to travel with him when I can. We enjoy just being together, even driving for hours along the highway. This trip was through Arkansas and Tennessee to upstate New York. The scenery was beautiful! Plus I got see friends, family and animals!

Here is October’s list of 12 (or more) things I’m thankful for:

1. Business trips with my husband — he loves me well. Time in the car chatting, listening to books and good music, and looking at the beautiful scenery makes for great memories. Time in the car also gives us opportunity to help each other process through our grief, discuss ideas about our future, and share our thoughts about things happening in our ever-changing life together.

2. Artist friends and getting to waste the day with them — I got to spend Wednesday with Suzi Dennis. I met Suzi through While We’re Waiting. She lost her adult daughter and over the past year, her posts on WWW have encouraged me.  I was excited to spend the day with her!  I’m so glad she let me play in her studio while Ron was in his meetings in Arkadelphia. I love her art. There is one piece that made me cry; I hope to buy it some day. You can check out her art at. www.suzisart.blogspot.com

3. Memphis Zoo – my favorite zoo ever!  We used to buy a membership to the Memphis Zoo each year so we could stop there on our road trips home to see grandparents. (And with a zoo membership, we could get into dozens of other zoos around the country free!). Our children enjoyed roaming around looking at the animals. After nine hours riding in the car, seeing the animals gave them fun things to talk about during the next nine hours. Ron knows it is one of my favorite places, so he surprised me by dropping me at the Memphis Zoo for the day! I spent almost 7 hours wandering around enjoying the antics of the various animals while he was in meetings.

4. Giraffes and elephants — And grizzly bears. And peacocks. And tigers. And sea lions. I enjoy the variety of God’s creation. And I got to feed giraffes!

5. Poison Dart Frogs and Komodo Dragons — These have always been two of my favorite animals. I am certain that in heaven neither will be poisonous. But there are slugs in hell.  That is for another post.


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