Grateful even in death

Another While We’re Waiting mom challenged us to think of things relating to our child’s death for which we are grateful.

My first one was that I got to be Andrew’s mom for 20+ years.

Today I am thinking of all the things others did for us this past fifteen months. I am still blown away when I think of all the kindnesses shown us by dear friends:

Cop who didn’t want us to hear it from a stranger
Cleaning my house that day and week
Cleaning my front porch to make it comfortable for guests
Food. More food
The memorial service
Moms who sat and laughed with me and told fun stories
Flowers and plants
Kind notes
Unsigned cards coming for months
Open mic at the memorial
Notes from his cast mates and friends
Friend who offered to do his hair
The awesome video
The Gift Shop & Tshirt models
The memorial display in the lobby
Men who text Ron and check on him
Kids’ friends who loved them
Church family who showed us love
BSA leaders who got the color guard together
My family and their love
So many more.

I pray that you never have to go through something like this, but if you do, I pray that you experience an outpouring of love like we have the past 15 months.

Thank you all for loving us well.

3 thoughts on “Grateful even in death

  1. I am a Lay Counselor at our church and have been to several Training Classes on Grief and this is the best I have read.
    I have a friend whose son committed suicide about 20 yrs ago and then last year her daughter was killed in a head on collision leaving a husband and five children. She and her husband are very strong Christians and I’m sure that they can relate to many of the things in here.
    I am so sorry for your sons premature death. I am very grateful that you are a strong Christian, cause even tho you grieve, you don’t grieve like those who have no hope in knowing where their son is or those who don’t know that they will see him again. Thanks again and may the Lord continue to heal you and use you for His glory! Bless you

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