It could have been worse

My husband and I just spent a wonderful week in NYC. Part of the time was vacation with friends. Part of the time was hard work for him. I am glad I get to travel with him sometimes.

Yesterday we drove from NYC towards Chattanooga, stopping for the night in Bristol, TN/VA. While eating at a very nice place called the Brooklyn Grill on the Virginia side of town, someone tried to steal the company trailer. They could not get it, so they broke a window and took what they could: my purse, my briefcase, my husband’s briefcase and some misc stuff.

The irony of a safe week in NYC followed by being robbed in a town where we never had to locked our doors when we lived here was not lost on us.

In my purse was ALL my makeup, my drivers license, and debit cards. I don’t use a bunch or makeup and don’t have a huge makeup collection, so while traveling I just put it all in my big purse. But replacing it all is a hassle and expensive. I’m supposed to get on a plane next Saturday which is hard to do with no ID. Losing my purse is inconvenient.

In my briefcase was my tablet, my awesome study Bible, a couple of Tim Keller Books, and my Precept homework along with my nice art quality colored pencils. This is a big deal since we are going to Chattanooga for me to do a week long intense study program at Precept Ministries. I had worked HOURS on the homework! And it is all gone. I love my Bible with all my notes and colored symbols! (If you have ever done a Precept study, you will understand).

After spending time dealing with the frustration of the robbery, the police, and feeling violated, this what I posted on FB:

Report on tonight:

Bad news:
1. Since the thief was in a car, no hope of finding the stuff. We had hoped he had taken the electronics and thrown away our other stuff.
2. They couldn’t get a plate from the video…yet

Good news:
1 There are video cameras and the incident was recorded. Police may be able to get a license plate. They may find the guy.
2 they did not get the trailer or damage it.
3 my Bible and pencils can be replaced. As can my tablet, books and make up.
4 I have a good excuse for not having my homework done.
5 all stolen receipts can be be replaced or Ron can fudge on his expense report. Just don’t tell the Finance VP.
6 his computer can be replaced.
7 my favorite necklace was in my briefcase until this morning when I moved it to my suitcase. Praise God!
8 I did not have my weapon in my purse.
9 we were not injured
10 my sweet friend from 22 years ago Vicky offered to take me to get new pencils and new Bible tomorrow while Ron gets the window fixed.
11 The truck is insured.
12 Jesus is still on the throne

There are worse things in the world.

I need to add a few things to this list of “Good News” today:

13. My dear friend from when we lived here in the early 90’s drove me around today to replace my study tools and Bible. We had a great time chatting and shopping. She even found a MaryKay lady to bring me new makeup!! And got me an appointment for a haircut while we were out. New Bible, new makeup, and a new do!

14. I found a 40% off coupon for my art pencils, a 25% off coupon for the Bible, and the MaryKay gal gave me 25% discount and a few free items including a new bag to hold my new makeup.

15. Ron and I are okay. We could’ve walked out while the thief was stealing stuff and been hurt!

16 They did not take our suitcases with three weeks of clothing in them! And they did not damage anything but the window.

17. I still get to see my grandsons tonight.

18. And God is still on His throne. He always will be.

It definitely could have been worse.

2 thoughts on “It could have been worse

    • It’s amazing how, since losing our son, most things just don’t upset me anymore. I have a more eternal perspective. As in ” in light of eternity, does this really matter?”

      I am learning to take things one day at a time while looking towards forever.


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