12 Things I am Thankful for on the 12th

This month I am finishing the Precept Ministries study on the book of Acts.  I get to spend a week at their home campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Here are my 12 things I am thankful for in November:

1. The privilege of studying God’s Word and wonderful websites that are free and have tools to help me study the Word: www.memverse.com        www.blueletterbible.org     www.openbible.com

2. The privilege of attending the Precept Ministries summer and fall study programs.  We spend about 3.5 hours in class discussion and lecture each morning and do about 5 hours of homework each afternoon!  I get to spend the entire week with a hundred or so believers who are here to dig into God’s Word.

3.  The Precept Staff, especially Mark, the chef. Three awesome meals each day. And Teri who heads up all the “event” related stuff like registration and housing assignments. And Cindy the sweet bookstore lady who puts up with us all week.

4. Getting to see my oldest and youngest daughters while in the area.

5. A rainy day in Queens. Last Wednesday I spent the day in a hotel working on my Acts homework. I’m not sure I would have gotten it done if it had been a sunny day. I might have gone exploring instead. *

6. My Canadian friend Lorie who flew in early to spend Sunday hiking with me. And who went hang gliding with me in July. *

7. My husband’s willingness to have me gone a few weeks each year for this program.

8. “Inn Rooms”. A comfortable bed and room. Plus new friends/roomies each time I come. I love meeting new sisters in Christ!

9. Kay and Jack Arthur. And their obedience to start this ministry so many years ago. I have had the privilege of dining with both these saints and their son David who now heads up the ministry. I appreciate their love for the Word and for sharing it with a lost and dying world.

10. The other amazing leaders who are full-time staff at Precept Ministries. They spend a great deal of time studying, writing and leading studies so that folks like me can learn from them.

11. The early church and its leaders who took the time to teach others and record its beginnings for us to read almost 2000 years later.

12. In the year or so prior to The Accident, I had completed more than a dozen Precept studies. I had immersed myself in the Word. I am so grateful for that time and those studies. When I needed Truth, I knew it. When I could have questioned God, I knew Who He is and I knew His character. When I needed help, I knew my precept friends were praying for me.

If you have never done a Precept Study, you can find one near you on the PMI site.

This entry was typed and scheduled to post ahead of time.

*Here are a few corrections/additions:

5a. Lost all my completed homework when our car was broken into. I had to do it all over! Now I really understand Acts 12-17!

6a. I am grateful for my friend Lorie who understood my need to cancel our hiking date so I could work on the homework.

13. It could have been worse. They thief took our stuff, but we are safe. Stuff can be replaced.

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