“Sleep” in one-syllable words.

I am trying the Daily Prompt today. We are to write an entire post in one-syllable words. I decided to edit my poem “Sleep” for this. I plan to try the Daily Prompt at least once each week.

It helps my grief
It gives me strength
It helps clear my mind

When I am worn out, I doubt.
I doubt God.
I doubt Love.
I doubt Truth.
I doubt His good will.
I doubt the goals of my friends
I doubt all that is to come.

I do not doubt these things when I am fresh.

When I am worn out,
I cry more.
I hurt more.
I doubt more.

I cry less, hurt less and doubt less when I have had to rest.

Sleep helps me heal.
Sleep helps me know truth and think right thoughts.

But at times, I just want sleep all day and all night to make my grief go from me.

I want to hide in my bed and act as if the hard things have not been real That they are not real. Not now.

I want to sleep and not feel.
To sleep and not think.
To sleep and not see the piles of his things in my home.
To sleep and not think about the truth that my son is gone.
To sleep and not deal with the hard things in my life.
To sleep and not face some choice days and the day of his birth.

This past few days I have slept.

But on the next day, I will wake up and have joy
I will go to church with my love
I will learn of and praise Christ
I will see friends I have not seen in weeks
I will go to lunch with friends
I will do put out my crèche

Then I will sleep.

One at a Time

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