Nutcarcker 2012 Nutcracker 2012

He was the Dancing Bear
He was the Rat King
He was the Arabian Prince
He was the Snow King

He was giddy
He was proud
He was excited
He was wonderful

His first performance in The Nutcracker
The second weekend of December 2012
Just before his 20th birthday
With a professional dance company in Amarillo

We were proud for him
His father and me and all his siblings
The last time we were all together in one place
We loved watching him dance

The lifts!
The spins!
The jumps!
The joy!

Never again will he dance the Nutcracker
Never again will he be the Dancing Bear or Rat King or Arabian Prince or Snow King
Never again will he put on tights or ballet shoes or wear stage makeup
Never again will he enter stage left with his silly grin showing that he absolutely loves being a dancer, loves being on stage, loves performing

The Accident changed all of that

Now he dances for the King of Kings
He dances for the Prince of Peace
He dances for the Lord of Lords
He dances for the Great I Am

He dances with Arabians
And Israelites
And Somalis
And Spanish

He dances with Africans
And Asians
And Brazilians
And Cherokee

He dances with men from every tribe and tongue
From every race
From every color
From every nation

He dances with saints who walked with Moses
And Joseph
And David
And Matthew

With men and women who walked with Martin Luther
And John Wesley
And Corrie Ten Boom
And Dallas Willard

He dances with his Granddad Bailey
And his Grandma Duncan
And his infant niece or nephew
And the children of many of my friends

He dances for an Audience of One
The Three in One
The Holy One
The One who was and is and is to come

He dances in worship
He dances in truth
He dances in heaven
He dances in eternity

He dances in the presence of the Perfect One
Of the Compassionate One
Of the Holy One
Of the One who knew no sin but became sin so that we could become the Righteousness of God

He still dances
He still lives
He still has joy
He still grins

Some day we will join him
Some day we will stand before the throne
Some day we will be face to face with G~d
Some day our joy will be complete

Until then I am grateful that I got to see him dance the Nutcracker
Until then I have peace in grief
Until then I have healing and joy and love
Until then I will live today.

6 thoughts on “Nutcracker

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    • I believe that’s what Heaven will be like: we will be with saints from throughout the ages worshipping together. It’s going to be amazing! Andrew gets to experience being fully in the presence of Christ now. We will, too, someday.


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