Give them a call

Snow DayDo you know anyone who lost a love one this year? A widow? A friend who lost their parents? Parents who lost a baby or adult child? A young person who lost a sibling?

Why not give them a call and invite them to ride with you to your church’s Christmas Eve service?

Grieving people often find it hard to attend church, especially alone, as it is an emotional place to be. The holidays can be extra hard. Having a friend pick you up and walk into church with you makes it feel like a safe place to be.

Pack some extra tissues in your purse or pocket as tears will likely flow once the carols start.

But pick up the phone and call. Don’t assume that someone else will do it. Don’t assume that family is in town. Don’t assume they already have plans. If any of these is true and they say “no thank you”, you still made them feel loved by your offer.

3 thoughts on “Give them a call

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