Cadillac Ranch, Forth Worth

Most days, most times I have JOY! Lots and lots of JOY!

My life is wonderful. My kids are great. My husband is loving and kind. We have a beautiful home and caring friends.

I am happy and laugh a lot.

It is hard to convey that my life really is good without sounding like I’m bragging.

I write about grief and helping those grieving. Writing my thoughts helps me get them out. I pray it helps others know how to help the grieving. But it only gives you a small glimpse of a small part of my life. And grief is becoming a smaller part of my life daily as I walk this path, as I walk with Christ.

If you saw my Facebook daily, you would see pictures of my adult children and grandchildren, Ron and I traveling, and the beauty we’ve seen in our travels. You’d see jokes and songs and stories. You’d see how our friends love us so well and encourage us. In short, you would see God’s faithfulness bring lived out in my daily life. You would see my JOY!

God is good and so is my life.

On this Sunday before Christmas I am full of joy! I am grateful for Jesus! I am excited to go to our home church with my husband for only the second time in more than two months! I am so glad we are both home from our travels. I am thankful for friends, teachers, and a pastor who shares the Word in truth.

It’s the season for JOY!

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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