Ron began collecting these mugs this fall. All but one are from places he visited in the past three months. I am grateful that I got to travel with him for seven of the past twelve weeks.


  1. Arizona
  2. Boston
  3. California
  4. Canada
  5. Colorado
  6. Dallas
  7. Denver
  8. Florida
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Montreal
  11. New York
  12. Niagara Falls
  13. North Caroline 
  14. Philadelphia 
  15. Phoenix    
  16. Pittsburgh 
  17. Pike Place
  18. Portland    
  19. Quebec
  20. San Francisco 
  21. Seattle  
  22. St. Louis
  23. Utah
  24. Vail
  25. Vancouver
  26. Washington, D.C. 

2 thoughts on “Traveling

    • Yes. I have an IPhone 4S. It took me a while to figure out how to add pictures to my blog using my phone. I hope to upgrade to the 6 in a few months and sm hoping WordPress is easier to use on the bigger phone.


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