Plans for Christmas afternoon?

Why not invite another family over for an afternoon of watching football or playing games? You know you have lots of leftovers. And there is always room for a few more folks in the living room.

For a grieving family, the time after all the presents are opened and the turkey is sliced can be hard. The quiet. The stillness. It makes us acutely aware that our loved one is not here.

So help that family start a new tradition! A tradition of noisy games and leftovers with friends! Order pizza if you don’t have leftovers!

Invite them over.

Even if they say “No thank you. Not this year” you showed them you care.

Maybe even leave it with, “we will be here if you change you minds. Come on over. We’d love to see you.”

2 thoughts on “Plans for Christmas afternoon?

  1. Kathleen,
    Thank you for your writing and your inspiration- I wish I had the guts to call someone I didn’t know home and share food with them. I have been trying this last week to honour people, similar to what you advised and trying to give credit to people who have done favours to me. To my surprise and sadness, I have met with rejections on all counts. But I aim to go on- who knows, someday, maybe my efforts will bear fruition.
    God Bless you and your family ! May you be a blessing to countless people over this Christmas season and the New Year !

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