New friends on Christmas Eve

2014-12-25 19.23.31

Yesterday I was driving my husband to work in the industrial part of town when we saw two “sketchy” looking people walking their bikes. Ron noticed they are “self-contained, through cyclist” meaning they carry all their gear on their bikes. As I drove him to work, I thought about those folks out on a cold day.

I stopped to check on them on my way home. One of the bikes was having trouble. They had ridden across the country from Pennsylvania and were on the way home.

Long story short — I invited them to come camp at our place. They called a bit later and accepted the offer. I took them to get the bike fixed, bought some groceries and brought them home, dreadlocks and all.

Ashley & Steve are great folks and we had a bunch of fun yesterday.

They will be camping here for a few days, spending Christmas with us, and going to our church service this afternoon and joining us for our open house tonight.

Yep, they could rob us or kill us. But they won’t. And if they do, there are worse things that have happened to me. And I survived.

I have two new friends and a house full of fun today.

Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Birthday Andrew. I reached out to two people that needed some love and a warm place to stay. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in honor of my son.

2014-12-25 19.24.19

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