Magic Aire sales meeting.

Long drive to get here.
Takes longer when pulling a trailer.
Ran out of gas once.
Flat trailer tire repaired as well.

Saw our daughter the day we left.
Dinner with two sons same day.

Thursday, driving while Ron makes phone calls.
Lunch, conference call.
St. Louis – dinner and chat with two dearest friends.
Friday, more driving.
Ron making phone calls and emails. Stopped for dinner so Ron could work on stuff. Wifi.

In hotel now.
Cold, windy, sunny.
But I am safe and warm
With my love.
He’s working.
Presentation preparation, emails.
We are not driving.

Brazilian steakhouse with supplier tonight.
Tomorrow sales meeting.
Ron doing his CEO stuff.
Unload and set up equipment.
Presentations, lunch, presentations, open house.
Load equipment.
I’m playing hostess.
Earning my keep.
All day. Long day.

Monday and Tuesday we work.
Ron – selling unit ventilators and other HVAC stuff I don’t understand.
Me – Precept studies and memorizing Romans. Reading “American Sniper”.
Maybe workout. Run on treadmill.
Breakfasts with suppliers.
Dinners with customers.

Wednesday lunch with more dear friends.
Looking at her art.
Picking one to bring home.
Visit third son.

Driving Thursday.
Dinner with sales rep.
Friday morning customer visits.
More driving.
Dinner with two daughters and son-in-law.
Play with grandsons.
Then more driving.

But today I rest.
Today is a great day.

4 thoughts on “Traveling

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  2. God is good. By your sides and allowing and blessing you both with so much +the strength and wisdom to do it and the love to do it together. Man what a story. Love this Kathleen.

    Peace and joy to you both

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