Working out

Workouts last spring:
Dead Lifts 90-120 lbs
Squats with 120-145 lbs
Bench press 100 lbs
Clean and press
Curls 35-45 lbs
Assisted pull-ups
Yoga twice per week
Running 2-6 miles two days each week (Walk/jog not run the whole way)
Swimming a mile in 45 minutes a couple of days per week
Riding my bike 30-40 miles once a week
Not bad for an overweight grandma

Then…Injured shoulder
Lifted too heavy
I kept “working through the pain”
But I liked lifting, getting stronger.
I liked the other grannies I lifted with.
So I kept lifting.

Then it was too painful to workout
Can’t lift
Can’t buckle my bra
Can’t do my hair
Trouble sleeping because of pain
Doctor visits
Torn muscle
No biking, swimming, yoga, lifting,
No running
Only walking
And Physical Therapy
Got very weak

Frozen by July

Surgery in September
Physical therapy for months
Discomfort even when not using it
Slowly healing
But healing

New year
No more PT!
Time to start lifting again
Only with a trainer
Light weights
1 pound weights for curls
My arm is weak

“Squats,” my trainer says.
“My shoulder!” I tell her.
“More squats!” she says.
“But it’s my shoulder we are working on!”
“It’s your wellness we are working on!”

So I do squats
Squats with a medicine ball
Leg presses
Squats with weights
Shoulder shrugs
Y’s, T’s, W’s
Lunging squats
Ropes while jogging in place
Tossing the eight pound ball

Whole body workout
Strengthen the core

Today I lifted 5 pound weights for my Y’s, T’s, and W’s.
Rows with the 45lbs bar!
Leg presses 140lbs!
Walk/jogged three miles!

I am getting stronger. And healthier!

Maybe I will do a triathlon in April after all!

Maybe I will be able to ride in the “Five Burroughs” bike ride with Ron the first weekend in May.

Maybe I’ll ride the whole 100 miles at the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred this year!

Nope.  There is no way I am riding the whole 100 mile HHH! I’ll stick with the 25 mile route and be glad to be able to ride again.

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