Twelve Things I am Thankful for on the 12th

This month, I am thankful for love.

The love of….The Creator, my Heavenly Father who loved me so much that he sent his Son to die for me.

The love of….My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who knew no sin but became sin that I might become the righteousness of God.

The love of….The Holy Spirit, the Comforter and Teacher. How I have needed Him these past two years of suffering!!

The love of….My husband Ron who has loved me well for 31+ years.

The love of….My children who forgive my failures and bring me great joy.

The love of….My sweet step-mom Evelyn who has been a mom to me even when I did not want her in my life. And who forgave me for rejecting her in those awkward teen years. And my daddy. I miss him.

The love of….My mom who did not know what true love is until late in life. She did the best she could. And I choose to remember the good things about her.

The love of….My grandparents, whom I also miss.

The love of….My darling in-laws who showed me what marriage can be and how to love each other despite our human frailties.

The love of….My 12 Step friends who accept me. And who have taught me much.

The love of….My homeschool friends and theater/dance friends who have done so much for me and my children, before The Accident and afterward.

The love of….The body of Christ. Imperfect as we all are, the body has shown us love and kindness.

I pray that you have much love in your life today.


The Accident was on August 12, 2013. For months the 12th brought me to tears. Then, last summer, I decided to choose gratitude and healing rather than sorrow. Thus “Twelve Things I am Thankful for on the 12th”.

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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