Alone on 2/14 and glad of it

This year I spent Valentine’s Day alone in a hotel. And I could not have been happier!

I worked on my Precept Bible studies of Daniel and Exodus.

I am part of a Tuesday morning study at my church and I lead a few times each semester. I try to be a few weeks ahead in the homework so I have plenty of time to prepare for the weeks I lead.

Also, I am hosting a nine day study of Daniel in April. Ladies from around the country will be coming to my home for this study. We will spend 5-6 hours each day discussing lessons and watching lectures on this book! I am so looking forward to this! I have lots of homework to do to be prepared.

I got quite a bit of work done Valentines night. But that is not why I was glad to be alone in a hotel room in Chattanooga.

My darling husband abandoned me that evening to take two beautiful women to a play. They saw “Little Women” in Ringgold, GA.

Our oldest daughter is married with three wonderful little boys. Our youngest daughter just started Covenant College. They both live on Lookout Mountain. They went on a daddy/daughter date with my valentine. And I was thrilled!

You see, Ron and I spend lots of time alone together. Empty Nest and all that. We have been traveling together quite a lot the past six months and will be together most of the next two weeks before I head home. I know my husband loves me. I don’t need flowers and a special date on a specific day (appointed by national retailers) because he shows me that he loves me daily. And he doesn’t get to have alone time with his oldest and youngest girls very often – living 16 hours away makes impromptu dates a bit difficult.

I love that my husband of 31+ years has his priorities right. Sometimes the right thing to do is leave your wife alone in a hotel to go out for a date with two beautiful young women.

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