Chris Tomlin

Four years ago we attended a Chris Tomlin concert with our kids. Andrew (18 at the time) was unhappy to have to sit with his parents. 

He started the evening grumpy, standing with his hands folded across his chest. (If you have a teenager, you get the picture.) 

 As the music started, he began to move side to side a bit, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. His hands went to his pockets. Then back to his chest. Then back to his pockets as if he was trying to maintain control. 

Then he began to sing. He was moving a bit more. Then his hands came out of his pockets and were at about waist level, palms up. 

By the end of the first song, he was dancing and singing with his hands raised in worship.

The rest of the concert involved prayer, praise, singing, and lots of worship!


Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful memory of my son worshipping You. Thank you for yet another confirmation that he knew You. That he KNOWS You!

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