2 thoughts on “TBThurs

  1. After Jason and Alina died, a gal in our homeschool group who sold scrapbook items gave us the gift of putting together a scrapbook. Alina’s mom decided to use the scrapbook for cards they had received. We decided we wanted the book to contain photos of Jason and stories written by his friends, photos we had not seen and stories we had not heard. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of contributions, but the ones we did receive meant the world to us. I think it was too soon after Jason’s and Alina’s deaths for his friends to step forward into such a task, and my need was so great to keep Jason’s memory alive that no amount of contributions would have quenched my need to see my boy again. It’s amazing how one glimpse, one remembrance of our precious children can mean so much when we miss them so much.

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