A bit of truth

I spent the morning working on my shoulder. After a hard workout followed by a deep-tissue session with the massage therapist followed by a great “counseling” session, I considered going home, getting on comfy clothes, curling up in front of a roaring fire and reading the rest of Les Mis.

Instead I am going to get a root canal.

Yes, I know how to have a good time!

Here is a bit of what my friend and I talked about at lunch:

“Just because someone calls you a chair doesn’t mean you are one.”

“Just because someone calls you a rug doesn’t mean you should let people walk over you.”

“Just because someone you care about won’t take responsibility for their own recovery doesn’t mean it becomes your responsibility.”

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my 12-step friends. They speak truth to me in ways I can hear it.

12 thoughts on “A bit of truth

        • Exactly!

          Someone recently accused me of some ugly things. Her accusations don’t make the things she accused me of doing true.

          It is easy to take on what others say about us, as if their saying it makes it TRUTH.

          But she is looking through mentally ill eyes. Her perceptions do not need to become my reality.

          When someone criticizes me, I try to think through what they say, “am I behaving like chair? am I wooden? did I do something to give her that impression? am I in fact a chair?”

          If so, I accept the truth and take appropriate actions: perhaps repentance and making amends. Perhaps simply changing my behavior.

          If not, I can dismiss what they say as their opinion and go on with life.


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