Wow!  My posts have been serious lately!

I just reread some of my recent blog posts!  I wonder if those who don’t know me get the impression that I am a sad, grieving mom who only thinks about death, her loss and pain. Fear not!  I am full of joy and laughter and have a wonderful life! My blog simply seems to be an outlet for my thoughts on grief and other serious stuff.

I desire that my joy and the hope I find in Christ shines through even in the midst of the trials I have experienced.

Today I am going to give you a glimpse into my sense of humor.  

I recently posted the video “Why don’t chihuahuas run in the snow?” on my Facebook. Google it.  I am sure Poncho the Chihuahua is just fine now. Lol.

I posted this picture with the caption “What color is this puppy?” the day after “The Dress” blew up social media.

One day I posted on FB from South Florida, “Why yes, I am sunburned. Thanks for asking” when my hometown was shut down for third day in a row due to ice and snow. My friends loved that! I tried not to rub it in that I was seeing old and new friends, eating on the patio with my hubby, and enjoying the sunshine. But a little ribbing is fun.


From Ft Myers Beach:

Sitting in a local restaurant while Ron works.
Three ladies in their early seventies sitting by me. Talking about unfriending people on FB because they were rude to them at their 50th high school reunion!

As I sat in the restaurant for about three hours working on homework, I laughed listening to some of the folks around me. People watching is entertaining! Not judging or condemning, just observing. Seems some things don’t change whether a gal is 17 or 70!


I really enjoy Minion posts.


Ron and I laugh often when traveling. I’ve gotten to travel with him for about 13 weeks since late September. We enjoy looking around and seeing sights as we drive the highways. The beauty of nature, the skill of man-made architecture, and the strange & odd stuff are all fun to see and share with the one I love.

We take time during our drives to talk about life, our kids, scriptures, hopes and dreams. Sometimes we listen to books, sermons, or great music. Ron loves jazz! I love Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin and other praise music.

At times we are silent, lost in our own thoughts.

And at times we get lost. Literally. Then we work together to figure it out, yell at the GPS and laugh. After Siri could not find any food or gas for us one day, I fired female Siri and hired the male voice on my phone. Until he got me lost. Then I fired him and rehired female Siri. Seems the few days off helped her attitude.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from our recent travels.

First trip was to Chicago for an industry trade show in late January.  It was about 20 degrees the whole time we were there. We had a wonderful time – lunch with one daughter before we left town, dinner with two sons on the way, spent the night with dear friends in St. Louis the second night, dinner the first night in Chicago with friends from DC, a tiny bit of shopping, lunch with old friends the last day. Then to Lansing to see our #3 son and Chattanooga to see the grandsons and two daughters before heading home.  This seems to be the only picture I took in Chicago.  I guess I was having too much fun to take selfies!

View from my hotel in Chicago.


Parents Weekend at Covenant College two weeks later!  Activities included new tires for Maggie’s car and swimming at the hotel pool with the grandsons.






This is a climbing wall in Chattanooga built on the outside of a five story parking garage! Too cold on this trip. Next time I hope to take the boys climbing.

After Chattanooga and Parents Weekend, we went to Nashville (where I got snowed in and met lots of new friends who were also snowed in at the hotel) then to Memphis and onto South Florida.


Hotel in Florida. This is what Ron does in the evenings – answering emails and writing reports for the folks back at the headquarters. I don’t mind; I get to read, surf the net, and check Facebook while he works.

My dear friend Debi whom I had not seen in about 10 years! Love this lady. I appreciate the love she has shown my family over the years. It was well worth the three hour drive to see her!  Thanks for meeting me and showing me around town, Debi!  I had a ball!

Sunset over the swamps as we drove from west to east coast of Florida.

While in Sarasota, I met two While We’re Waiting moms for lunch. None of us has met before, but friendships were formed at lunch that day. I love spending time with other grieving parents. We share our stories, our hopes, our pain our joys and we laugh. A LOT!

Sky Bridge near Tampa

On I4 close to Orlando. Kinda like Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. But not.

Couples Selfie! At an Argentinian restaurant. I don’t remember which city were in. It was a beautiful night to eat out with my love.


Well, that’s our latest trip and a small glimpse of my humor.  It is tax season now, so I am home for most of the next six weeks.  Work time.


Be Blessed!

6 thoughts on “Wow!  My posts have been serious lately!

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  2. It’s good to see you laughing and smiling. I did think the posts were kind of down lately but I know it’s something that happens and you just have to get through it. But it’s still good to see the humor and the love in this post!


    • My life really is full of joy!

      Lately I’ve been dealing with some junk. And I have friends who are much earlier in their grief journey. I post some of my journey in hopes of helping them and others.

      I’m glad my joy came through on this post. The next few days I commit to be a bit lighter. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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