Follow up to my post two days ago “Adoption“.


Ten days. I met Caleb ten days ago. A five-year old soul without expressive language – but not without expression. His entire body speaks and I have been in awe watching him. I prayed for one sign. Not “a” sign – one ASL “sign”. My heart was hoping and praying for Caleb to understand and communicate one sign prior to us coming home. Just one. Caleb knows two dozen signs! Twenty. Four. Many of them are “food signs” and we have been calling him “Chunk” – but I’m OK with that. He is a bit small for his age (he was ten days ago!) and food facilitates bonding. And The Chunk and I are bonded.

God is amazing and I have been in awe watching Him. Jeff and I (and Matthew) have been teaching Caleb how to communicate…and now I am the one without words. I’ve been crying a bunch…

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