Gift left in Heaven

Today’s poem is by a While We’re Waiting dad.


I was excited, I longed for this day.
As I watched him be born I seen him go away.
My soul may have looked destroyed but the feeling was worse.
God what could have I done for you to place upon me this curse?
As I sat enraged pain to much to bare.
A man sat beside me said son I know your pain, right now you don’t feel like you care.
I lost my son to he was a little older than you at the time.
He wanted to make the world love one another for this he was beaten relentlessly for love was his crime.
Even as he died he begged me to forgive those who did this to him.
To give another chance to each of them.
I sat astonished how can he forgive someone for causing him that kind of pain.
He handed me an envelope to see a picture of his son he vanished I never saw him again.
I opened the envelope out came a cross I started to sob.
I hit my knees God?
We hurt it’s something we can’t deny.
God knows your pain he has lost his child and had to cry.

~ Liam Langford

Note from Liam:

My name is Jimmy Ray Langford 2nd. At the time I was 22. June 10, 2003. My wife went into labor with our son Jimmy 3rd or Trey. I watched this beautiful baby born take a few breaths. Then he stopped and went home. Gift God found best left in Heaven. When I get to Heaven I’ll use my arms to rewrap this gift.



If you have experienced the death of a child may I introduce you to While We’re Waiting? They are a faith-based ministry to bereaved parents. You can find them on Facebook and at

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