I’m writing this sitting on my porch swing.  It is a beautiful evening!

I spent much of the day working on our property.  I have an old Kubota tractor that I love to mow with. And with 15+ acres (10 of which I mow) I need the five-foot mowing deck.  Mowing is peaceful.  Some days I listen to music.  Fall of 2013, I spent my mowing time talking to God.  Today I just was.  I mowed and thought and looked around at the beauty of our property.

This picture is from the porch looking out to our tank. (For you non-Texans, that’s a pond.) We are in the middle of a five year drought.  But our tank stays full most of the year, drying up only in late August the past few years.  When the drought ends, we will stock it with small fish.

If you look to the left of the radio tower, you can see a large nest in a tree just over the tank. We have had a pair of Hawks nesting there for at least eight years. It is fun to hear the babies calling for dinner. I haven’t seen them yet this year, but I hope they come home soon. In a week or two, leaves will hide the nest.

To the right are “The Three Trees”. A hammock hangs down there and is a favorite place for reading. My children spent many hours doing their school work in that hammock. A tire swing hangs from one of those trees as well.  

There is an old dead mesquite tree that fell over when we had floods in 2007. It is a great place to climb and for taking family pictures.  

On the other side of the creek which runs along the tree line, we have five acres which the boys turned into a paintball and air soft battleground. They have foxholes, bunkers, and a two-story fort back there.  We’ve had many days when they pulled the picnic table to The Three Trees to have a place for snacks, drinks, and ammo. I’ve loved looking out my front window to see a few dozen homeschool kids in cammo heading to the woods to play.  

You can’t see The Fort in this picture. It is a three-level play fort with slide, gravel pit, climbing ropes and more. The top is 18 feet up!  My boys built the whole thing. My grandchildren love it.

We also have a fire pit around back where teens have spent many cool evenings talking and singing and telling stories. 

Yes. I am blessed. 

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