Why I don’t write a lot about my other children

This blog began after the death of Andrew.  It was a way to let family and friends know how we were doing in the months after The Accident.  It morphed into an outlet for my thoughts on grief, God, and healing. Many of my followers have experienced loss and I pray that my words encourage them as they walk through healing and recovery. 

I have shared much about who Andrew was, but I have six other children still living.  Why don’t I ever write much about them?  

In a nutshell: Because they are alive.

You see, I believe their lives are their stories to tell.  I don’t post about them by name or picture unless I ask them first (other than on their birthday when I like to post a birthday story about them). I rarely share details about their lives unless they have made it public. For example, Peter can be seen on national TV broadcasts cheering for OU, so I am comfortable telling you he is attending OU and is on the cheer squad.  Who he is or isn’t dating, what he likes or dislikes, etc. are not for me to tell.

I do sometimes tell of something they have done for me or said to me that belssed me.  I am a momma who likes to brag on her kids.

And I have permission from our daughter to post any pictues of her sons. 

I believe that we should respect the privacy  of others and not share their story – it is theirs to tell.

So, though I love my other adult children, when I write about them it will be to share my thoughts, my struggles, my joys, and my views. And I will try to respect their privacy as I do.  

One thought on “Why I don’t write a lot about my other children

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