Busy Life

It is tax season.  The only time of year I actually have a “real job”.  Love the firm I work for.  

Tax returns.  For my kids.  For my brother who is sailing the world. For Ron and myself.  All to be done this week.

Crawfish boil last Monday.  I hosted. Had to clean house and mow yard and get porch ready for diners.

Exodus Precept Upon Precept Bible study.  I help lead discussion.  At my home church. I led last week and three weeks from now I will lead the last session. Total of four out of eleven weeks. Lots of prep work in addition to homework. 

Daniel Precept Study.  Lots of hard homework. Prophecy.  End times.  All 18 lessons to be taught in eight days.  Week long slumber party. I’m hosting six ladies.  Two weeks from today. Leading five of the eighteen lessons. Cooking dinners for four nights. Providing lunch and breakfast stuff. They have plane tickets to buy.  I don’t. It comes out even. Got to clean the house, wash sheets, and get all the homework done!

Home School for High School seminars. Last out of town event last night. Week of prep: ordering supplies and putting books together. Drive to DFW for a six hour event.  I teach the whole time.  Then drive three hours home. 

Last Home School for High School event ever two days after the ladies leave in three weeks.  Thirteen years of traveling and helping homeschool parents .  Encouraging them that they could do what God called them to do and to do it with excellence.  More binders to assemble.  I’ll miss doing them, but it’s time for me to retire.

Spring.  Mowing. Mulching. Planting. Weeding. Six to eight hours to mow the whole property weekly during the rains. A few more hours per week supervising my lawn boys as they do the heavy lifting parts of yard work. Trip to landfill/mulch pile monthly with branches and grass. Have to keep the grass mowed to avoid rabbits. Cute as they are, they attract rattlers.

Plus housework, blogging, prayer, eating, workouts, paying bills, calling my kids, reading, time with my love, time with friends …

Yep. I’m busy.  

I love my life!

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