Road-trip. Or Busy Life Part 2

Got home at 2 am Saturday. Slept until 9. Putzed around the house until the phone rang.

Oldest son. On the way home from roadtrip to California. Had a great time. Took care of stuff that needed to be done. Paid respects to friends who made the ultimate sacrifice. (He has too many of those.) Visited friends along the way. Then his Harley died.

Ron flying home. Called at 11:30 am. Will be home in two hours. Then we can leave.

WF to Amarillo – I drove. Ron slept. Amarillo to Tucamcari – we ate and talked. Tucamcari to Albuquerque – Ron drove. I slept.  Then we switched places again. And so on. All the way to Phoenix. 15 hours.

We are now in Phoenix trying to find a hotel. No rooms. Bike Week and MLB Spring Traing Week equals no rooms in the entire valley. We will sleep in the car for a few hours.

We will rent a trailer when the Uhaul place opens at nine. Load the motorcycle. Then drive fifteen hours home.

Not what I planned this weekend. But glad to help my son. Glad Ron is home to go with me. Glad the bike broke down yet again. It will be sold.

This momma is glad that there will be one less motorcycle in the family.

Did I ever mention that I love Roadtrips?

2 thoughts on “Road-trip. Or Busy Life Part 2

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