Reflections on my weekend

  1. Roadtrips can be fun no matter the reason or destination if you are with the one you love. 
  2. Attitude matters. We had fun because we looked at it as adventure. 
  3. God knows what I need. We had been trying to sell my suburban for two months. If it had sold, we would not have had a vehicle to tow the Harley home with. God knew what we would need and when we would need it. 
  4. Even after 37 hours in a car, no shower and road trip food, we can choose to overlook stuff, be kind and enjoy the ride. 
  5. I do not want to live in my car. Ever. Not that I was considering it, but it has now been eliminated as an option. 
  6. When taking an emergency road trip, pack more than one each sleeping bag, blanket, air mattress and pillow. Just in case you end up sleeping in the car. 
  7. I’ll do just about anything for my adult kids if they need my help…provided it really is helpful for them and they are making wise choices and doing the next right thing. If not, my answer will be, “I hope that works out for you.”
  8. I love my husband and his quirky sense of humor. Me (as we make a bed in the back of the SUV): “if anyone breaks in you will have to protect us. I forgot to pack my weapon.” Ron: “don’t worry. I’ll squeal real loud.”
  9. God provides. Shortly after the above exchange, the hotel security guard knocked on the window. “Just wanted to say good night. Don’t worry. Sorry there is no room in the inn. Sleep well. I’ll walk by every 30-45 minutes and keep an eye on you. You’re safe here.”  He could have made us leave. 
  10. Always check on hotel rooms before getting to an area of national park with no cell converage. Especially when the last 2-3 hours of a long trip are through that national park. Especially on a Saturday night when Hilton shuts down their national reservation website and phone number. Especially when no cell coverage means you can’t call any other chain either. 
  11. If you can’t find a hotel room, cuddling with the one you love in the back of an SUV for a few hours can be the next best thing.
  12. When your parents are taking an emergency road trip to help you, be sure you get lots of sleep: you’re doing the driving on the way home. David seemed to know this naturally and did a great job Sunday. 

Yep. Emergency road trips can be an adventure.  I love my son. I love my husband. I love my life. 

One thought on “Reflections on my weekend

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