Five ladies staying in one house

One kitchen 

Three meals each day

For eight days 

Studying biblical prophecy

Hard stuff

Confusing stuff

Who is that fourth kingdom!?!?

Who are the ten kings?

Pre-trib, post-trib, mid-trib?

“Saints” means only Isreal?

Or does it mean all who are of the Holy One? 

What are the seventy periods? The time, times, and half a time?

Who are the rest of her children?

What is with all those beasts!!!!

And we are only on chapter seven. 

Five more to go. 

Five more days. 

Lord, help us to all set aside our preconceived beliefs so we are open to seeing what You want us to see in Your word. Help us to set aside our arrogance. Help us to be humble as we approach Your truth. Help us to remember what You want us to learn and to forget the rest. Help me to understand what application there is in my life today. Teach us and give us peace. Amen 


4 thoughts on “Daniel

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  2. I love the book of Daniel, it’s one of my favorites. So much to learn there about God’s character. Beth Moore’s study on Daniel is very good at explaining the difficult passages.


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