Another study comes to an end…

…and this is the first one I have finished with so many unanswered questions!

It makes me feel better that men and women have been studying these same passages for centuries and still do not know the answers – or cannot agree on the answers – to many of my questions.  

The important stuff we can all agree on. And I can learn much from the passages that are clear: Writing on the wall, Fiery Furnace, Lions’ den, Daniel’s prayer of repentance. 

Pride is bad. Humility is good. Arrogance is bad. Submission to the Most High God is good. Repentance and obedience are both excellent. 

Tomorrow is the last day together. Two more lessons. Two more videos.  A few meals. Only two gals will be left here tomorrow night. I take them to the airport Sunday morning.

I hope we can do this again next fall. Maybe we will pick an easy one like Romans.  

The gals who came gave me a wonderful gift. As a thank you for our hospitality, they went together and made a large donation to the Andrew Raymond Duncan Memorial Scholarship Fund. I am humbled and thankful. 

It’s been a great week. 

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