Some days…

…are harder than others. 

We’ve had a few tough weeks: one adult child in ICU with pneumonia, one experiencing strange (and dangerous) behavioral side effects of seizure meds, ugly (huge and surprise) tax bill, car (with 211K miles) died, and few other struggles.  

Some of this got better, eventually. Daughter out of hospital, meds changed and kid back to cheerful self, taxes paid, new car purchased.  

I’m not in much of a mood to write. I’ve chosen not to write about struggles my living children go through. I’m trying to respect their privacy. It’s raining and cold. Perfect day to sit and read a good book or watch a good movie.

I’m grateful for the rain. Everything is green and we need any rain we can get in north Texas. 

I have all I need, just not all I want.  

Folks have posted new (to me) pictures and videos of Andrew on FB this week. I love them. And I hate that he is not here to comment on them. I miss my son this week. He always had a story to tell, a hug to give, or a smile to share. 

I’ll leave you a minion post.  I commented, “Ron Duncan if you let me borrow a kiss, I promise to give it back. With interest.”

Ron commented: Fortunately for me, “The greatest force in the world is compounding interest.” – Albert Einstein

I love my husband!

Be blessed.

5 thoughts on “Some days…

  1. Hope you enjoy your rain, good book or movie! May the loving memories of your son warm your heart. I too have days like these,when I miss my son so much. So I indulge myself in a day of missing him and sit with my memories of him. It never fails that the next day seems sunnier even if there are clody skies! ~ Blessings and prayers ~


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