I Can’t Fix Me

This young man attends Oklahoma Baptist University. He played football with my son Peter, and I had the joy of driving them to many practices. It was great fun listening to their after-practice chats.
In this blog he writes about one of the chapters I memorized this year. I love seeing Christ in my kids’ friends.
Nathan is big brother to Caleb featured in Watching.



I’ve bought more self-help style books in my lifetime then I’d care to admit. I’ve tried many different ways to make myself right with God, to fix the deep and dark recesses of my heart, to break free from sin habits that I’ve tried to keep in the shadows.

The thing is, I can’t fix me.
I’ve been digging into the gospel message this last week, wanting to recover the power of redemption in my life, wanting to allow the gospel to impact me every single day. As I’ve studied this gospel message, I’ve come to the realization in my heart that the gospel is a beautiful thing, that it has the power to not only effect my eternal state, but my earthly one as well. I’ve wrongly viewed the gospel (unintentionally) as a sort of sugar coating to a bland world, a little bit of hope to cling to…

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