Serenity Among The Over Commitments

This is sweet. I am reminded of fun times with my children.  Time goes by too quickly.  And, yes, things can change forever in a moment.


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Life just seems to fly by.

Missed opportunities for memories.

Not enough hours in the day.

The lawn will be cut next week.

Finding quiet time-impossible.

It’s time to fly a kite with the kids.

Go to the beach and find sea shells.

Scope out the best camping spot,it is around the corner.

Take a drive to the mountains and explore.

Go feed the ducks in the park.

Visit a farm, the babies are so cute.

Go to a cool museum.

Take in a play or movie with the kids.

Life is too short,enjoy life while you can.

You never know what tomorrow may bring,enjoy today.

I never dreamed my son would be gone,hug the kiddos.

tell them how much you love them.

How proud you are of them everyday.

Life can change in a moment.

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