Traveling, again!

We are on the road again.  

I love traveling with Ron. 

We planned to head out Friday night, but severe storms caused us to stay home. We drove to St. Louis Saturday and met our friends the Burtons for dinner. They are amazing – loving, kind, honest, godly, transparent. My boys were friends with their sons when they lived near us. Kathy is a great friend to me. She listens and tells me the truth. And she made me chocolate cake even though she eats Gluten-free and vegan. We have been able to visit them often this past year since they are on the way to many of our destinations. 

We slept late Sunday then drove to a western suburb of Chicago. We will be here all week. We packed our bikes for this trip, hoping to ride a bunch. Within an hour of arriving at our hotel, we got our riding gear on and drove to a nearby nature refuge.  As I mentioned in my article Ill, I haven’t felt well for a while so haven’t ridden much. I was a bit nervous about riding the trail. It is crushed limestone and unfamiliar. But the ride was wonderful! The weather was a bit chilly and overcast, but dressing in layers helped us handle that. We rode almost 20 miles.

Riding with Ron is great fun. He is a much stronger and faster rider than I. But he is patient and encouraging. He rides at my pace while gently prodding me to improve. He constantly reminds me we can slow down or rest whenever I choose. We road about 30-40 minutes out then he suggested we turn back.  “If we want to do more, we can go the other direction on the trail or we can be done when we get to the car,” he suggested. 

I love this about him: he is caring and aware of my needs while encouraging me to become better at whatever we are doing. 

Our hotel is just a mile or so from one portion of The Great Western Trail, the trail we rode, but the car parking area is a few miles from our hotel. From where we were on the trail, Ron suggested we ride back to the hotel rather than to our car. He wanted to see if I was comfortable riding the route to the trail in case I want to ride by myself while he works this week. After leaving me back at the hotel, he rode alone the three miles back to the car. I adore the fact that he is willing to go (ride) a few extra miles to be sure I am comfortable and able to ride this week. 

We rode again on Wednesday. Twenty-two miles.  Out on The Great Western Trail and back on the Great Illinois Prairie Trail. Are all the trails in Illinois Great something? Anyway…

Thirty-two years together. We make a good team. We enjoy being together. We have great memories and hope for the future. We have faced hard times raising seven children – some hard times in our marriage, career changes, issues with our children, the death of four parents and one son. But through it all we have been committed to each other. Divorce was not an option. Serving God and trusting Him daily is required. 

I am glad Ron invites me to travel with him and grateful that our situation allows it. I plan to journey with him until death do us part. 

Next week we will be traveling to Wisconsin. I have never been to Wisconsin. I love new adventures!

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